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-Individual 2 hours class
-The days and hours of the lesson are flexible
-Includes all material and tools for scheduled jobs
-Classes can be in English, Spanish or Hebrew
-Coffee and good atmosphere

The course of contemporary Jewelry is organized according to a progressive technical complexity.

The students will create simple pieces, while exploring basic techniques. As for designs, they are going to be given pieces all ready made, to study them are going to be methods. The aim for students to be exposed to a diversity of techniques throughout the course, so that this variety will allow independent work in various types of design. Later on we will move to learn about specific content, where the focus will be on developing designs through creative, open and individual exploration, and attention will be put on the design of the unique creator as the center pillar of the course's identity. 

The days and hours of the lessons are flexible within the working hours of the studio.
Lessons are held individually, with a maximum of 4 students in parallel and last 2 hours. The course will allow you to meet students of various backgrounds and creative approaches.
All material (including weld), and all tools (including saw blades), machines, books, jewelry and design journals, etc...are at the students disposal as part of the course,...You also have opprotunity to take part in advanced student collective exhibitions held at the gallery

Payment options

Each Class $70 - 2 Hours -

Pack of 4 Classes $260 ($20 discount) - 8 hours -

Pack of 8 Classes $510 ($50 discount) - 16 hours - + 1 class FREE - (For the purchase of first package of 8 classes)

''You can start your jewelry class at any time of the year, pause, resume and finish whenever You prefer''

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