Jewelry Classes for Kids

- $200 per month. Make up classes can be done any day of the week at the same time     as log as there is availability.

-Every Afternoon from 5pm. to 6pm - Monday to Friday -.


- Class is individual - max of 3 kids per class -.


- Class includes all the materials and tools needed for jewelry making.


-The complexity of the lesson goals depend on the age and/or patience of each child.

  I will try different teaching methods to help them all reach their goals.


-Some of the things we do in the classes are:


     Links with metal wires

     All kinds of decoration ornaments

     Jewels with colored pencils

     Jewels with leather

     Jewels with Macrame threads

     Jewels with glass beads

     Jewels with wooden beads

     Jewels with buttons

     ... and many other ideas that kids come up with!

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